Paul Sharp Funeral at 'False' Church - Christian Life Assembly - Circa 11-1-11

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Paul Sharp Funeral - 11-1-11

Paul Sharp

Church Sign in Front of the Christian Life Assembly Church where Paul Sharp's Funeral was held.

Christian Life Assembly Church where Paul Sharp's Funeral was held.

Attendees at 'Christian Life Assembly Church' where Paul Sharp's Funeral was held.

Workers at 'Christian Life Assembly Church' where Paul Sharp's Funeral was held.


Some comments regarding this funeral in
a “worldly church” from another website;

Last week the funeral service for the overseer of BC Canada was held at the "Christian Life Assembly" church. Recently in Australia the funeral of a 2x2 was held at a Presbyterian church. There must be a world wide change of policy toward other Christian churches. If so I applaud the change as the recognition of other Christians is long overdue.
I did enquire from a 2x2 relative as to why this is happening and was told, "The Workers want to help the other Churches."
Being a sceptic I wondered if this help was meant to be spiritual or financial. Perhaps in the future 2x2's will be able to get married in a "worldly" church.

Read the thread "Pahngmo Im (Korean Worker) Quote (VERBATIM)"and then decide if it has stopped.

Pahngmo Im (Korea) at Post Falls ID Convention, Thursday, June 5, 2008 - 2:45 pm meeting.
Samuel [sic] said "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." And all of us are here because there was a time for each one of us when two servants of God came across our pathway and said unto us "Let us go into the house of the Lord." The most interesting story to God's people is the testimonies of how and when and where which two servants of God they met and that testimony is very, very precious, because hundreds and thousands of religious people, even though they are so zealous in their faith, they don't have that testimony. But every child of God - without exception - they have that precious testimony.

Paul Sharp passed away last week, his funeral was today in Langley BC. He was oversear (sic) of BC for several years.

He was my great uncle, glad we got out to see him before he passed.
Sadly he spent his whole life as a worker in that messed up religion..but what can ya do?

RIP Uncle Paul.


  • Another interesting new 2x2 funeral procedure – perhaps the Workers fear that outsiders are recording their funeral sermons for public distribution?

“Have noticed 2 maybe 3 funerals recently ( WICKLOW AND CORK DON'T KNOW ABOUT MONAGHAN ) that have been STRICTLY PRIVATE Only family and chosen workers/friends allowed attend Is this a new thing or is it just a 1/2 or 3 off Worrying if propel are asked not to attend funeral. I can understand why the wake might be private as maybe dwelling not suitable / family reasons. Hope this isn't a new trend being pushed on the" friends" Also Preaching at others by workers at the grave side is a disgrace and causes bitterness and shame I don't need to name the main worker involved in this but maybe he should remember it is by our love we'll be known on that great day of days not by the amount of commendation we thought we had the power to preach WONDER HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED OR AM I GONE OF TRACK IN SERVING GOD Note I said serving GOD not anyone else.[sic]”